Car Rental:

Minimum Age:

  • The minimum age to drive a rent car in Portugal is 23 years old.


  • You must have a valid driver's licence held for minimum of one year and passport or identity card. If you aren't from the European Union you must held a International Driver's Licence and a passport.

Fuel Policy:

  • You have to deliver the car with the same amount of fuel that is delivered to you.


Online Booking:

Minimum Rental Period:

  • You can make a booking with many days you want. But the minimum quotation will be a quotation for three days (72 hours). If an extension of rental period is required, the same must be asked in advance with minimum of 24 hours notice.

Online booking

  • We only accepted bookings with a minimum of 2 days in advance.

Airport and Hotel delivery:

  • When you hire a car online we offer free airport delivery, as well as to all major resorts in the Algarve exept when the delivery is made after hours.
  • In the Airport you will not need a cortesy bus. The car is delivered in the Airport parking.

Collecting your car:

  • When you come from the arrivals, after you get your bags, you will see a coffe shop in front of you. Our representative will be sit on the cofee shop with a sign saying Polo.
  • When your pick up is on the hotel, the delivery will be on the reception desk.Returning your car:
    • At Faro airport you should return your car to the car park number 4 and then the collection details will be arranged with the rep when the car is delivered to you.
    • Hotel deliveries, the collection details will be arranged with the rep when the car is delivered to you.






    • Can be made online after submission of your car hire reservation or on vehicle pick-up. Cash, Visa, Master Card, Euro Card, Unibanco, American Express or Diners Club are all accepted.

    Out of hours supplement:

    • A one-time fee will be charged for car deliveries between 20:00h and 06:00am:
      • From 20:00h to 22:00h: 15,00 €
      • From 22:00h to 06:00am: 20,00 €
    • The payment of this supplement must be in cash due the fact that this supplement is for the employee. The payment is made on the vehicle pick-up.

    The price includes:

    • VAT, Insurance (CDW), One additional driver, unlimited mileage. All other features will be consider as an Extra or Suplement.



    Included Insurance ( CDW ):

    • Covers journey assistance, including substitution of vehicle when necessary.
    • Covers all passengers, including medical assistance.
    • Covers all damages to be paid to third parties.
    • Covers damages to hire vehicle but with a fixed excess as follows :
      • 600,00 € for Groups A, B, C;
      • 850,00 € for Groups C1,D, E;
      • 1.050,00 € for Groups F, G.
    • To cover the excess a Visa/Credit card or a cash deposit to the value aforementioned is required on vehicle pick-up.

    Avaiable Zero Excess Insurance ( Super CDW )

    • Cover : As CDW but with no excess payable by the client, so no deposit is required on vehicle pick–up.
    • Available at the following daily rates :
      • 7,00 € a day for Groups A, B, C;
      • 9,00€ a day for Groups C1,D, E;
      • 10,00 € a day for Groups F, G.




      • On the subject mentioned above, we must inform you that since 08/12/2011 by order of the government the use of A22 has to be paid. Therefore:
        1. When crossing the car by the respective gateways it will be registered in the system;
        2. The portals have different prices, but each Km will be priced at about 9 cents (Eg Route Vila Real de Santo António » Lagos - 11,60 €);
        3. This use and the costs that will be generated by it, we company of Rent-a-Car will be notified and required by law to provide identification of the user / driver of that vehicle;
        4. In the face of that in the previous point, the customer will be notified at his address for payment about the uses and /or crossings in A22;
        5. Regarding this point, if the customer doesn't want to be notified at home to make the payment of the crossings on the A22, the solution outlined below will be the quickest, most convenient and least expensive:
          1. After 48 hours of the crossing, the customer is able to make it’s payment on certain payshops or at any post office in Portugal. After those 48 hours you’ll have five days period to do the payment. If after those five days you didn't do the payment you will receive a notification at home to pay the tolls.
      • The easiest solution is to use the national road, the N125, in lieu of the A22.



      Safety baby seats:

      • Must be requested in advance. The cost of the safety baby seats is__€ per day to the maximum ___.

      Additional driver:

      • The first additional driver is free of charge for online car hire booking. For more addicional drivers will have an additional cost of 12,50€ each.

      To go out of the country

      • For assistance abroad you need a to pay the suplement of 35€ (Drive into Spain Extra). If you didn't choose this extra you can't crossing the border and incurs penalty if you do.

      You need a GPS?

      • If you need a GPS it must be requested in advance (on the booking) and have a cost of 5€ per day until a maximum of 50€.